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AJ's Platform

Empower and Support Law Enforcement

I will work to ensure our law enforcement officers have what they need to make our community safe. 

Recruit and Support Businesses

I will work to attract industry and businesses to Madison County while supporting and retaining our current business community. I will give them a voice and work to make sure their value is seen across our community.

Improve Our Schools

I will advocate for a well funded and supported school system that is held accountable to the citizens while ensuring all students have the best path to success – no matter the school.

Keep Taxes Low and Drive Down the Cost of Living

I will be accountable for where current tax dollars are spent and make certain you, as taxpayers, have input into the process. 

Stay Accountable and Transparent

I will produce annual reports of where tax revenue is spent and ensure consistent public audits of all county departments. 

Protect Freedoms

I will strive to allow Madison County individuals to make choices that allow them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Build Attractiveness of Madison County

I want to see amenities, entertainment, safety, and low cost of living to make Madison County attractive to new industries, new businesses, and new families. I will focus on smart growth ensuring a better quality of life and better future years from now.